For a long time I had this idea to make pollution, something intangible into something tangible. I wanted to create something symbolic and found that a vinyl would work perfectly but I did not know what to expect.

First I collected pollution dust from large air purifiers which are very common in China and gathered a lot of dust.

Then with the help of some friends we started by making a mold of an actual vinyl (it was an experiment so I used a random spare vinyl disk). 

At this stage, you get a perfect negative of the vinyl. Then we mixed the dust with some liquid plastic to hold everything together. You get a quite disgusting mixture. We poured everything on the mold. 

We waited few minutes and voila... After we just had to cut the vinyl properly. The final result looks much better than expected and it works well. There's just a lot of noise as I expected and this noise is ... the pollution itself. 

Now I'm looking for a band who'd like to collaborate for a special release and raise awareness about air pollution around the world.